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All releases of the year 2018 that don't have their own page.
Models: Chana93, Felice Siana, Kira Valentina

The original publishing platform was Dropbox Showcase. If you are interested in the story bits check out the files that are named Story HTML Backup. Open the file in a browser so you can see how everything looked on that platform. If you are only interested in the media just download the files marked Photos or the video files.

All photo sets are connected by a small ongoing story set in a parallel timeline. The Intravenus Project researches technology of unknown origin (exotic technology / exotek) with the help of participants, voluntary test subjects. The antagonist of the Project is Organization 101 which believes that exotek is the key to a divine prophecy.

The style of the releases is eerie tech eroticism. A little bit of technophilia, a little bit of medical fetish. Thank you to the models for performing in these sets and thank you for the all the good people who supported the Project in 2018.

Better than Life / Dream Excursion - Chana in a topless and ouvert outfit wearing a 3D headset.

Integrated Circuit - Chana with plugs on her skin.

Resting EKG / EKG with Chana - Chana with EKG sensors on her skin.

Chemical Fusion - Chana with infusion and nasal cannula.

 inVAGine // dEPTh - Chana with cables in her mouth and between her legs.

Morning Ritual - Chana checking her blood pressure.

Transparency Agreement - Felice in transparent raincoat and transparent bra.

Crosswired - Kira with EKG sensors.

Application Simulation Environment - Felice in a topless outfit with 3D headset.

Emotion Engine -  Kira with nasal cannula.

Release date Feb 27, 2018
AuthorGabriel Bischoff
TagsAdult, Atmospheric, Comics, Cyberpunk, Erotic, medical, photos, Sci-fi, videos
Average sessionA few seconds


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1x03 - Better than Life – Story HTML Backup 3 MB
1x03 - Better than Life - Chana93 - Photos
1x04 - Integrated Circuit – Story HTML Backup 3 MB
1x04 - Integrated Circuit - Chana93 - Photos 87 MB
1x05 - Dream Excursion – Story HTML Backup 3 MB
1x05 - Dream Excursion - Chana93 - Photos 141 MB
1x06 - Resting EKG – Story HTML Backup
1x06 - Resting EKG - Chana 93 - Photos 96 MB
1x06 - EKG with Chana - 4K / 2160p Video 344 MB
1x06 - EKG with Chana - HD / 1080p Video 89 MB
1x06 - EKG with Chana - SD / 540p Video 10 MB
1x07 - Chemical Fusion - Story HTML Backup
1x07 - Chemical Fusion - Chana 93 Pictures 176 MB
1x08 - inVAGine _ dEPTh – Story HTML Backup 2 MB
1x08 - inVAGine - dEPTh - Chana 93 - Pictures 123 MB
1x08 - Waking Room UHD / 4k - Chana93 25 MB
1x08 - Waking Room HD / 1080p - Chana93
1x08 - Waking Room SD / 540p - Chana93 2 MB
1x09 - Morning Ritual – Story HTML Backup 3 MB
1x09 - Morning Ritual - Chana 93 - Pictures 22 MB
1x09 - Morning Ritual UHD / 2160p - Chana93 710 MB
1x09 - Morning Ritual HD / 1080p - Chana93
1x09 - Morning Ritual SD / 540p - Chana93 44 MB
1x10 - Transparency Agreement – Story HTML Backup
1x10 - Transparency Agreement - Felice Siana - Pictures 527 MB
1x11 - Crosswired – Story HTML Backup
1x11 - Crosswired - Kira Valentina - Pictures 381 MB
1x12 - Application Simulation Environment – Story HTML Backup 5 MB
1x12 - Application Simulation Environment - Felice Siana - Pictures 521 MB
1x13 - Emotion Engine – Story HTML Backup 6 MB
1x13 - Emotion Engine - Kira Valentina - Pictures 417 MB

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